What are My Rights as a Flight Passenger


Taking a flight to cover a long distance journey can be both fascinating and frightening. Fascinating because you will experience a bird’s eye view of your hometown, and frightening because in case you don’t know your rights as a flight passenger. If you are a frequent flyer, you may know the various other factors that need to be addressed and you must prepare yourself for any unwanted circumstances. While planning to fly high, you must know and understand your right to avoid any unpleasant situation and can claim it whenever you need to use it.

Claim compensation if flight is cancelled or you are denied boarding

You are entitled to get compensated by the airline authority, in case if you are denied boarding or flight cancellation due to bad weather or any such issue. In such situation, the authority should provide you another flight. If the next flight is being scheduled a few hours later, the airline must provide you with free meals and accommodation facility in nearby hotel. If they are unable to do so, you are entitled to get compensated financially.

The right to know medical emergency

When you are flying 33,000 feet above the ground, you cannot expect medical service in flight. At that moment, the least crew members can do is to go through the profiles of their passengers to checker whether there is a doctor on board or not. Well, crew-members are well-trained in first-aid medical service in case of emergency and if they find out that the patient needs emergency medical care, they are most likely to land in a nearby airport and inform the airport authority to prepare an ambulance near runway.

The right for your pets

Pets are a bucket full of happiness. Nobody wants to leave their furry friends at home alone while going on a trip. Looking at the growing demand to allow pets on plane along with their human, airline and airport authority have made some facilities and rules too for those passengers who carry their pets. Your pet doesn’t have to go through X-ray scanner at security and your pet doesn’t belong to the luggage compartment. If the pet carrier doesn’t fit under the seat, the airline is obligated to check pet in cargo. If you feel your pet is being treated unfairly, you can complain about it. Rules for animal safety is very strict and the airlines who are eligible to accommodate passenger’s pets and care about his needs.

Passengers with special needs

No airline can deny boarding to a specially-abled person. Passengers who need special attention cannot be refused flight or treated in a way that needlessly stigmatizes them. If this does happen, the traveler can pursue the issue with the carriers CRO on the spot, as well as take legal action against them.

The international aviation department has taken all the measures to ensure safety and non-violence of rights of the passengers. While you book your ticket from an online portal for flight, you need to check out the rules and regulations as well as your rights for being a flight passenger.

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