Top Trend Setting Scrubs

The world of medical attire has evolved a great deal ever since the advent of customization scrubs, which have replaced the traditional light blue or light green colored scrubs which were used earlier at many places world-wide. With the efforts of many clothing companies and various brands who have added a new aesthetic to the classic design, it is now very easy to find the perfect scrub for you that match your taste and personality. The options are ever-growing with a wide array of variety for both Men and Women.

Renew style Everyday

With many discounts and clearance sales offers the medical workers are allowed to renew their work wardrobe frequently. They can easily bring their everyday style to work; which makes them feel more relaxed and adds a little dose of fashion and style to the usually thought, mundane routine they have to deal with every day. This is in turn makes the patients they treat more comfortable and obviously cheerful when you see a pleasant looking nurse.

Scrubs for Home Too

Some brands design the scrubs in such a way that you can keep them on, after returning home from work every-day. Denim scrub tops for men and various patterned bright colored scrub tops for women, classic khaki cargo pants, snap-up medical coats etc. are some of the types that are hot selling. All these are designed with maximum efficiency in mind. From bold to simple, elegant to traditional you can pick your favorite from a gamut of a collection. Dealing continuously with the dark days of seeing people in pain, tragic deaths and ailing individuals the least possible way to lighten things up is a bright good cheery scrub that can add some ray of positivity to the nurses, patients and all the co-workers amidst the gloomy atmosphere.

Scrubs for different specialties

Every nursing specialty has its own set of demands. While some are very active, the others may make you carry a lot of gear and compel you to do gross stuff. No matter what the area of specialty is; the common mantra of the nurses when it comes to scrub fashion,’ is to instill a sense of ease and enjoyment ‘. Nurses who specialize in the Intensive care units prefer soft, comfortable and yet trendy scrubs that can withstand a lot of frequent cleaning and washing owing to the amount of various body fluids they have to bear, while patients are being treated. Cargo style scrub pants with pockets on the legs are a favorite with Telemetry nurses who have to carry a stethoscope along-with a few electrodes to monitor the heart health of patients. Even the Emergency Room nurses have storage space as their first criteria when selecting their choice for work wear, with pockets ranging from 2 to over 14, where else will they hoard the scissors, IV’s, syringes etc. amongst other odds and ends. The Oncology nurses prefer the blended material that gives them the best features of the 2 fabrics and their best bet for this is a blend of cotton and spandex as is doesn’t need to be ironed. The Pediatric nurses prefer a more casual rather than clinical look, since they work with children. Most of them can be seen sporting cotton t-shirt with cargo scrub pants and a good pair of sneakers. 

By following The faision and yet keeping your likes in mind, you can have a very trendy everyday work attire that can lighten up all those days that may otherwise seem boring.

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