Preparation for IAS prelims In Two Months

Have you heard saying anything is possible? Yes, you would have heard it. Similarly, you can also prepare for IAS prelims in two months. Anything can be achieved with determination, hard work and willingness. So, to prepare for IAS exams in short duration of two months, you need to be determined, discipline, hardworking, and have strong will power to attain the goal. Now, you would be questioning how it can be possible? Well, here are some of the tips and tricks that you can try to follow and achieve your success goal in IAS exam.

 The exam pattern needs to be analyzed

It is essential to know the exam pattern for every aspirant. The first thing to know is there are two papers. Each paper needs to be completed in two hours. The total marks for each paper is 200. Paper one covers the general studies, whereas paper two covers CSAT. Both, the papers are very important and need to concentrate wildly.

  The syllabus needs to be focused on details

The syllabus is the vital part of any exam. Many students simply don’t have the prior knowledge of the syllabus. They simply start the preparation on some guesses and abruptly. The syllabus is a priority, collect the correct syllabus from any UPSC coaching classes in Amravati and then prioritize the subjects accordingly.

This will save you wasting time in turning the pages meaningless and indeed prove beneficial to score the best.

  Study material should be arranged

Many students are not aware of the books they need to refer. They simply collect books of different authors and try to cover all of it. This is unacceptable as it simply consumes your time and lastly you will be left confused and syllabus seems incomplete.

An aspiring student from Amravati can approach to Amravati UPSC classes to collect the book’s name that only can be referred through for better result.

  Practice previous exam papers

Previous year exam papers provide lots of hints about the question pattern and possible questions for the exam year to come. A student can analyze the marks distribution on the questions and can decide which part of the syllabus need to focus more. Often, it happens the questions are repeated from the previous year paper. It will also help to prioritize the subjects.

  Follow the time table

Without managing your time, none of the hard work may result positively. Especially, when you are running short on time, you need to make a time table and follow it strictly. Even the UPSC classes in Nagpur direct each of their students to make the timetable for home studies and follow it strictly.

Many of the students will like to study in night hours forwarding the reason that it is peaceful without any distractions from any ways. But, still it is suggested to study in the day and take the minimum rest of 6 hours at night.

  Study plan

Everything is essential in preparation for IAS exam. Also the study plans too. Cover four subjects day. Select two of your favorites and two the toughest one for you. There is no such particular rule for making study plans. You need to make it own and follow it.

  Keep testing yourself regularly

Regular mock test practice is extremely helpful to score the best. Appearing mock test papers give you hard practices and make you familiar with the paper pattern. It fills you with immense confidence before applying for the real exam. Try to appear one mock test paper daily.

  Revision has no exception

There is no excuse for revision. Every day at the end before closing the textbooks, you need to revise the complete day’s work and add up to your previous works too. Collecting new information without the revision of the previous is not beneficial. UPSC coaching classes in Nagpur take the regular revisions on a part of the study that helps students to memorize their works till date.

  Current affairs not to be missed

Current affairs are the most important for IAS exam. Many students like to cover it at the end days, but that is not the right way. You need to read the newspaper and magazines to collect the important current affairs news of the day. Missing it out may result poor for you despite your hard work in all other subjects.

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