Pongal Celebration In Tamil Nadu

History of Pongal: Pongal is an ancient festival of Tamil Nadu. On the day of pongal festival dedicated to greenery and prosperity, worship of God Sun God ji is worshiped and enjoyment is done. The offerings which are offered to God, are called pongal. That is why this festival was called Pongal.

History of Pongal may be from 200 to 300 AD. However Pongal is celebrated as a festival of Dravidia crop. This festival is also mentioned in Sanskrit’s Puranas. Some mythological sto

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ries are associated with Pongal festival. There are two stories related to Pongal.

According to a legend, Lord Shiva asked his bull to go from earth to heaven and give a message to humans. Lord Shiva said that he should take a bath with oil every day and should eat once a month. But Baswa gave the message to people as against Lord Shiva’s command.

Basava told people that they should take a bath with oil one day and eat them everyday. Lord Shiva was very angry with this mistake of Basava and he cursed Basva. Baswa was permanently fired from Kailash to live on earth.

They have to help farmers to generate more food. This day is related to cattle. Similarly, there is another mythological story of this day that is associated with Lord Krishna and Lord Indra. When Lord Krishna was small, he had decided to teach a lesson to Lord Indra because he had become the king of the gods, therefore he was proud.Lord Krishna asked the people of his village not to worship Lord Indra. Lord Indra was very angry because of this. He sent the clouds to storm the clouds and take rain for three days continuously. Through this storm, the entire Dwarka was destroyed.

To protect all the people at that time, Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan mountain on his small finger. At that time Indra had realized his mistake and then he understood the power of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna asked Vishwakarma to settle Dwarka again and the villagers again farmed with their cows.

Harvest Festival: Pongal is a festival celebration that comes in the middle of the month of January. This is the main festival of the people of Tamil Nadu. People are busy in rural Tamilnadu in the season. Women, men and children come to the fields to plant crops in all fields.Because rice is offered to God, then it can be cooked in the kitchen or in an open place or cooked place to see God so much that people have given them excited. The area in which the paddy is, the region looks like the waves of green sea are seen. Seeing this, the farmer’s heart is happily filled. Such a scene weakens the heart of the people of Tamil Nadu.

How Pongal celebrates: The festival of Pongal is celebrated not for one day but for four days. This festival is considered to be one of the festivals of Hindu religion throughout the year. It is implied by the fact of its importance that on this day God is thanked for the harvest season for God.

Pongal is derived from the Tamil word meaning boiling. This festival is organized between January to February. Various types of grains are produced in this season like rice, sugarcane, turmeric etc. But in addition, in Tamilnadu the crops which are mandatory in cooking are cut.

According to the Tamil calendar, the time between January to Pongal is the most important of the year. This festival of Tamil Nadu is celebrated on 14-15 January. This festival is a festival to offer humankind satisfaction with seasonal cycles. Traditionally, there are lots of marriages in this month. This tradition is for organizing agriculture for those who belong to agriculture.

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Four days of Pongal: Pongal is the four-day festival. These four days of Pongal festival are very important. The first day is Bhongi pongal; the second day the sun is pongal; the third day is Muthu pongal and on the fourth day Kanum pongal happens.

First day of Pongal: Pongal first day is Bhogi pongal. On this day people impose Kumkum and Swastika on pottery in their homes. On this day cleanliness is done in the corner of the house. Lord Indra is worshiped on the first day of the Pongal festival because Lord Indra is called the ruler of the clouds and he does rain.

If a good crop is needed then it is very important to have a baris. For the abundance of the crop, tribute is given to Lord Indra. On this day a ritual is celebrated and it is also called Bhogi mantalu. Due to good crop, the farmers are happily worshiping Lord Indra and thanking them.God is asking you to maintain blessings on your side so that the prosperity of wealth and happiness in his home and country remains. On this day the waste products of the house are burnt with cow’s oboes and wood. Girls dance around this fire and sing songs to God. 

Second day of Pongal: The second day of Pongal is sun pongal. The largest member of the household, on the day of Sun Pongal, makes pongal for the sake of the sun god. Puja or artificial puja is performed on this day when Pongal is offered to other gods with Sun God.Pongal is made by adding rice and water to the utensils made from clay. The rice that is cooked in this manner is called pongal. On Sun Pongal, people wear traditional nutrients and symbols. Kollam is made by people on the day of Sun Pongal. This is an auspicious symbol.The kalamam washed in the morning and was made from white lime powder at home. In this way, the rice which is cooked, is worshiped by Lord Sun. The sun god is always prayed for always to keep his grace.An interesting ritual is also performed on this day, where the husband and wife share the utensils of worship. Pongal festival is celebrated with the same devotion in villages. According to rituals turmeric plants are bundled around the pot in which the rice is boiled.

Third day of Pongal: Pongal’s third day is Mattoo Pongal. On the day of Mattoo Pongal, special worship and worship of the cow is done. The cow is decorated on this day, bells are made in the neck of the cow and the floral garlands are built and after that the cow is worshiped.The sound of cattle bells attracts the villagers and people run their cattle among themselves. The cow is considered very important for the farmer. The cow gives milk and manure to the farmer. On this day cow is fed pongal and other animals besides cow are also felicitated.Because the animals give the farmer every moment. Animals help from farmer’s crop irrigation to fishery harvesting. Animals give their support to the farmer in happiness and sorrow because of this, animals are also worshiped in Hinduism. On the day of Mattoo Pongal, every farmer worshiped his cow oxen in the villages.Mattoo Pongal’s day has another significance. On this day all women wish for the good life of their brothers. On this day, delicious sweets are made in the houses and given as a gift.

Fourth day of Pongal: Pongal is the fourth day Kanum Pongal. On this day, all people and members live together and eat together. On this day washing of turmeric leaves can be served in it and this is especially served with sweets, rice, sugarcane, betel nut.On this day people take a blessing of the big ones and give them love and gifts to the little ones. This day is very much celebrated with happiness. On this day women do aarti with limestone and oil of their brothers and wish them a bright future.

Attractions of Pongal: Pongal festival is celebrated very strongly in South India. On this day people decorate their homes. The battle of bullocks is organized on this day which is quite famous. During the night, people organize mass food and give warm greetings to each other for a happy year. On this day people express gratitude towards the sun for the light of the crop and life.

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