Online Leaked, private photos of Hansika Motwani

Online Leaked hansika

Bollywood and Tollywood Fame Actress Hansika Motwani’s Bikini Photos Leak was recently leaked to social media. The reason for the photo being leaked was that laughter had once again come into the discussion. Users were quite amazed at the bikini photos of the hansika. Hansika Motwani has finally broken her silence after discussing the pictures. They have disclosed this through Twitter post.

Let me tell you that this is not the first time that the personal photo of an actress has been leaked. Earlier, Akshara Hassan and Amy Jackson had a case of leaking of private photographs. Akshara also filed a complaint against unknown person under the Information and Technology Act. At the same time, Shahid Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan’s social media account was hacked and posted many random messages to them. The team of both actors took action on this and resolved it very soon.

On the other hand, there was a leaking band video of laughter in 2015. When this video was viral on the social media after being viral, she had given a clarification saying that there is a girl who looks like him in the video, he is not. But this time the bikini photo leaked during a holiday in New York .

Actress Hansika Motwani may have to face trouble on the Internet. It is being said that some hackers have leaked their holidays private pics online. In most of the pictures, actresses are seen in bikini. Most of the photos seem to have been taken during their vacation in New York. So far, it has not been clear how the photo leaked online.

So far, the actress has not given any statement about the leaks of the photographs. Nor has the complaints against the hackers against the police in their behalf. By the way, some photos have been removed from Twitter somewhere. However, these photos are still on some Instagram pages. While such pictures are not shared on Hansika’s personal Twitter and Instagram. That is, Hansika’s account has not been hacked, but the question has remained on how his private photos came to the internet.

This is not the first time that an actress is hunting for cyber crime. Previously Amy Jackson and Akshara Hassan’s mobile phones were hacked and their private photos were leaked to the Internet. Akshara also filed a complaint against the hackers in the Mumbai Police.

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