Maintain the Structure of the Air Mattress for Hospital Beds

Air mattress for hospital bed is an ultra-convenient addition as it makes it easier and more comfortable to sleep. There are different types and styles of air mattresses available; all arerone to structural damage if not properly taken care of.

As these mattresses are inflatable, they can easily lose their form. This is because of their poor air-retention capacity. Environmental factors play a crucial role in the deformation for these air mattresses. This may include prolonged usage, used by a heavy individual, children using it as thlaying turf, and more.

Hence, in order to maintain its structural form, you need to take certain steps. For starters, air mattress for hospital bed requires more care and maintenance compared to other types of hospital mattresses.

So, here are some tips and tricks that will help you keep your air mattress in great shape.

air mattress for hospital bed
Air mattress


#1 Inflate to proper capacity:

It is extremely important to fill your air mattress with the right amount of air. Too much air or too little air can damage your air mattress, as it can create uneven weight distribution or it can even make it easier to puncture. Over-inflating your air mattress will put extra pressure on its seams that can ultimately lead to a blowout. You need to read the instruction manual before filling the air. It is normal for an air mattress to lose some air throughout the use.

#2 Keep it clean:

You need to keep your air mattress clean all the time. Periodic cleaning will ensure that your air mattress is free of bacteria, harmful residue, and dirt. Make sure you clean your air mattress while it is inflated, as it will help you clean out the seams and corners properly. Avoid using caustic chemicals like ammonia and bleach and also coarse bristles as they can easily damage the mattress. You can simply use a damp towel to wipe out any dirt from the mattress surface.

#3 Use Bedding:

This is the most crucial step you can take to keep your air mattress intact for more extended periods. Good bedding is necessary to ensure that your mattress is comfortable. It will not only prolong its life but will also offer more support and comfort. Blankets and mattress pads are good bedding, as they will help protect your air mattress against any sharp objects and other hazards like pet teeth and claws. Bedding will keep the dead skin cells and dust from building up.

#4 Mind your surroundings:

Make sure that your air mattress is placed in the safest place in your home that’s free of potential popping hazards. Make sure to vacuum the surface before laying the air mattress. Don’t place it in the rooms where it is exposed to excessive sunlight. And don’t use heaters in excess.

#5 Store Properly:

The best way to keep your air mattress in excellent condition is to store it right. Use a cool and dry area to store your air mattress when not in use.

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