Harmful Effects Of Electronic Gadgets On Human Health

Computer vision syndrome is a kind of disease related to today’s technology that badly affects our health and since it is linked to our eyes, therefore, you need to take care of even more because if you know about things If you do not care, it can be dangerous for you, so let’s know that this is what computer vision syndrome is and how it affects your health

How it’s Harm Our health

Nowadays, we all spend a lot of time with computers, laptops or mobile and other gadgets, which is obviously a matter of our health, and it is also true that we are untouched by all. Can not live if we have to walk with fashion and even if we have to go away from the old age, then to a great extent, technology makes our lives easier, then they can not be avoided. What we can do is that if we have information about the use of any gadget and also know the side effect from them, then we can balance its use and reduce its side-effect which is what it is.

Experts believe that using these gadgets constantly causes people to become victims of computer vision syndrome, and this is a physical illness, while using more techniques, we can also have psychological problems. The problems that are caused by computer vision syndrome i.e.

Normal headache

Blur Vision

Dry Eyes

Red Eyes

Irritation of eyes

back ache

A pain in the neck

With such problems you may have to be two to four if you do not use the technique balanced and this happens because often the time spent on social networks does not reduce the brightness of the screen, and on the small screen on the mobile at night the movie Because of high viewing and brightness, there is a lot of pressure on the eyes. Frequent game players, spending time on social sites throughout the day, are more likely to suffer from this disease.

Such a rescue – to avoid this, if you keep thinking about some things already in balance, you can avoid many problems coming to them, then know what is the thing you should do –

Your eyes should be equal to the level of the screen or below it using any gadget.

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