Gully Boy Trailer: Release date 14 February 2019

Release date 14 February 2019

gully boy cast

Gully Boy Trailer: Ranveer Singh-Aaliya Bhatt starrer ‘Gully Boy’ trailer released on Wednesday after being hit at the box office by the movie Semba. Prior to the trailer, the poster and teaser of the film was released in which the look of Alia- Ranveer is quite different.Ranveer Singh is the street rapper in the film, whose rap sound is quite viral on social media. Tell them they have song the rap in their own voice. Let’s say the Gully Boy rapper is based on Vivian Fernandes and Naveed Shaikh’s life. Vivian and Naveed songs are known for my lane.

This movie has been commissioned by Farhan Akhtar’s sister Zoya Akhtar. So if you are also Ranveer Singh’s big fan, do not forget to watch this movie trailer.Alia Bhatt belongs to the Muslim family. In the film, the street rappers’ straw is shown. Apart from this, there are also Kalki Kochlin, Kubra Seth in the film. Gully Boy, Ranveer and Alia are the first films to be released this year. Prior to this, Ranveer’s movie, Simba was released, which was released at the box office at 200The business of crore is doing. At the same time, Ali was seen for the last time in the film Raji, which was directed by Meghna Gulzar. Movies of both stars proved to be a hit at the box office. Now it is expected from Gully Bay that it will definitely hit the box office at the box office. 

Gully Boy Trailer First Review: Ranveer Singh’s ‘Gully Boy’ trailer has been released on Wednesday. Ranveer is seen in a different incarnation of his career in a 2 minute 42-second long trailer. In the words of Bajirao, Padmavat, Simba, in terms of look and acting, they attract these changes. She looks quite cool in the wrapper’s look. This film is also about the making of Ranveer Singh’s pair for the first time with Alia Bhatt.How is the street trailer of: Along with Zoya Akhtar, Gully Boy’s tagline is ‘Your time will come’. Actually, this movie is a struggle of two sections, who keep a difference in land, on the economic basis in urban society.

It is true that because of lack of good opportunities or because of the alleged ‘class status’ (which can be economic or ethnic religious), one part of society has to accept defeat. Dreams have to be killed. But Ali Boy, who is directed by Zoya Akhtar, has a story next to him. A glimpse of this is seen in the trailer.These alleys (ie Ranveer Singh) are a minor move from Mumbai. As a simple strugger in the trailer, Ranvir Singh is struggling with difficulties as a rapper. They are showing their battles on many fronts. There is also a stop in the story flow of love.

It is quite clear in the trailer that the love story of young rapper passes through a thief. The characters who have appeared in the trailer are currently looking fantastic. Ranveer looks amazing, Alia Bhatt is also seen in a very strong role. His chemistry with Ranvir is seen in a new style in the trailer. There are some colors of Aliya’s character. They are stereotypically dressed, but in terms of thinking they look bindas. Kalki Kochlin is like a triangle between the two. This is the kind of triangle it will know with the release of the film. Vijay Raj and other characters who appear in the trailer also appear to be influential in themselves.

This special thing makes the film a hit For the first time, the story of a rapper is being shown for the first time in the Gully Boy, released on February 14. While there is a time of rap songs, on the other hand, there has not been any story on the rags of any rapper in Hindi cinema. In such a case, the film is no less than a treat for fancy. The story of Ali Boy is being inspired by Mumbai’s rapper devine and naaji.


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