3 Insanely Damaging Things your Child May do through the Cell Phone

Of course, it is a widely known fact that kids keep doing stupid and insane things whether they do it in the real world or in their digital world. But some of these stupid looking things are much more than just stupid and far more damaging than just insane. And when kids have their own personal cell phones, the security threat increases, the dangers appear more inevitable as kids just don’t think twice before doing anything nor they try to understand how damaging their action can be.

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If your child owns a cell phone and added to this, the device offers access to Internet, you need to monitor your child’s activities for the below mentioned 3 most damaging yet common activities of cell phone owning kids.

Using Cell Phone while Driving

Teens are insanely addicted to cell phones and other digital devices and they just can’t give up any of their digital activities even when they are busy doing something far more important. So, you’ll find kids using cell phones while eating dinner, while preparing for tests, while doing homework, and while watching TV. All of these are kind of justified (though not completely) but one such instance where you can’t accept your child’s digital device usage, it is while driving a car or even while riding a mountain bike in that case. And if your find your child doing this, be prepared for a massive accident to take place soon.

Sharing Regrettable Things Online

This is again a typical teenage habit – sharing every single happening of the day on the Internet either through Twitter posts or on Facebook Wall or on Tumblr stories or on any other social networking site. The half of this habit comes from famous celebrities who don’t miss to share what they had for breakfast, where they went for shopping and what they have planned for dinner, but sadly, kids don’t understand that they aren’t celebrities and their everyday activities and events of the entire day will not be received like those of celebrities. Instead, there are more chances of the posts getting misused.


A picture too personal in nature or location check-ins shared online can be really dangerous. Anyone who gets access to it can misuse them in various damaging ways.

Getting Too Friendly

This is a foolish thing to do though it doesn’t appear that foolish in the beginning. Most teens do it for fun sake; they talk to unknown people and soon communicate a little too much. Now, kids don’t have their special business accounts on the social sites nor they befriend people for business networking, they have personal accounts whether on Tumblr or on Twitter or even on Facebook and thus when they communicate with unknown people they forget the lines dividing the known friends and unknowns from the Internet. They soon start sharing personal information with unknown people and even decide to meet them, which is not just stupid or dangerous but at times prove far beyond the general definition of just dangerous.

Will Parental Monitoring Prove Helpful?

Yes, it will, it indeed will! First, you’ll get to know what your child is doing with the phone which includes all the activities like call logs, text messages, mails, chat histories, Internet browser histories, things shared online and so on and second you’ll be able to do what is needed far more confidently as you’ll be know where the actual trouble is. And if you use special cell phone monitoring software for the purpose, you’ll get to know even the things that your child deletes away or keeps hidden from you. In fact, it will also be possible for you to track your child’s location, and make out what things your child downloads, pictures your child clicks, and even get to listen to the calls that your child makes and receives.

When you have a complete idea about what your child does on the phone including all the stupid and also the damaging ones, you get to keep your child safer and grow better!

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