3 Hairstyles Inspired by Deepika Padukone To Slay Your Look On Every Occasion!

Deepika Padukone, the queen of Bollywood industry has always made us drool over her style, be it clothing, accessories, hairdos, acting etc. She is totally a slayer and anything that is done by her or worn by her becomes a trend because her choice is really selective and she always chooses the best. So, if you are Deepika Padukone fan just like us then here we have mentioned top 3 Deepika Padukone hairstyles that you can also try to look fabulous.

Deepika Padukone Inspired Hairstyles

  1. Half Up Do
Half Up Do

The half updo is a perfect go-to hairstyle for traditional occasions like weddings, festivals or any other family function. All Deepika Padukone hairstyles are amazing but, this hairstyle is the one that was one of the most favourite hairstyles of Deepika. She has done it numerous times on movie launches, outings and even in the movies.

How to get this look :

  • Wash your hair well
  • Blow dry your hair completely
  • Start backcombing the area where you want the fluff, but make sure to leave the crown area hair as they will be the top layer of hair on backcombing.
  • After doing the backcombing, take the crown area hair and spread it on the backcombed hair.
  • Now secure your hair with bobby pins.
  • Here, your half updo hairstyle is done.
  1. Smooth Curls
Smooth Curls

Smooth curls look totally chic and stylish and you can also do it on some formal occasions like office parties or formal events or when you are going to meet the clients. This hairstyle is inspired by Deepika Padukone and she is truly slaying the smooth curls look.

How to get this look:

  • Wash your hair
  • Blow dry your hair and take the crown area of your hair upwards and tie it. Make sure to do it while your hair is a little wet.
  • With the help of a big round brush, roll your hair and start blow drying them, then repeat the same step with the crown area hair.
  • Once you are done with blow drying, pull your hair back and part them as you want.
  • Voila! The hairdo is done.
  1. The Sleek Low Bun
The Sleek Low Bun

A low bun may seem a really simple hairstyle but it took a lot to make it come to the trend list because Deepika Padukone pulled off low bun during the time when everyone’s crush on voluminous puffs was not over yet. But as we have mentioned Deepika only pull off the things that she believes is the best. So, how can the low bun hairdo not be in trend? And if you can’t wait to get this sleek low bun look with all those beautiful and stylish dresses, then here have a look at the procedure to get this look.

How to get this look:

  • After washing your hair blow dry them.
  • Once your hair gets 80% dry create a parting of your choice which can be middle or side parting.
  • With the help of hair spray set your hair to create that sleek look
  • Pull all your hair at the back side in a way like you are making a ponytail.
  • Then keep twisting the ponytail till the time it takes the shape of a bun
  • Secure the bun with some bobby pins and your hairdo is ready

So, these were the top 3 Deepika Padukone inspired hairstyles that you can also try to slay your look on every occasion.

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